We welcomed our families into our Stay, Play and Learn session. Our focus was Maths in Early Years, how very young children learn basic concepts and how we as a school together with our families can work in partnership, to make sure children grow as Mathematicians.

The children were thrilled to show their parents around the Nursery and show them their favourite places to play. Maths was explored through playing games, exploring all the resources in the Maths Area and playing in the Block, Sand and Water areas. Everyone joined in with the teacher led circle time with a Maths focus and then explored lots of Maths activities outside.

We finished the morning with a cup of tea or coffee and some nice biscuits, whilst sharing what we’d learned and listening to Tam, as she explained how the Nursery supports our children’s learning in Maths. We then looked at lots of different ways families could support Maths learning at home, with playing games, laying the table, cooking, looking for numbers on house doors or car number plates etc.

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