We accept 2 year old children the term following their 2nd birthday.

To find out if you are eligible for 15 funded (free) hours please check the criteria outlined on the 2 Year Old Application Funded (Free) form or here.

Your child’s name can be placed on the waiting list any time prior to their 2nd birthday.

We encourage you to arrange to visit and meet the staff and see our facilities and beautiful garden.

Funded hours

15 hours (free) education (for those who meet eligibility criteria) are available over two and a half days as follows:

Monday 8.45am – 3pm
Tuesday 8.45am – 3pm
Wednesday 8.45am – 11.45pm


Wednesday 1pm – 3pm
Thursday 8.45am – 3pm
Friday 8.45am – 3pm

If the class is full, your child will be placed on a waiting list and allocated a place using the following admissions criteria:

  1. children in care or being looked after (all schools must have this as a top priority)
  2. children with an Education, Health and Care Plan
  3. children who are eligible for early years pupil premium
  4. children who have a brother or sister at the school already
  5. date of application

If you are eligible for 2 year old funded education, you may also be eligible for Free School Meals.

Fee paying hours

If you are not eligible for a funded place, fee paying sessions are available as follows:

Session Time Fee
Morning 8.45am – 11.45am £15
Afternoon 1pm – 3.15pm £10
Full day 8.45am – 3pm £30

Please note that a minimum of TWO sessions must be taken (and not on the same day) to enable the children to make the best outcomes from their education.

We will try to accommodate your desired sessions as best we can, subject to availability.

To register your child at the Nursery, please complete the relevant application form and return to the Office or call us on 709 5114 or email abercromby-ao@abercromby.liverpool.sch.uk

2 Year Old Application Funded (Free)

2 Year Old Application Fee Paying