At Abercromby we are committed to every child’s safety and welfare and keeping them safe at school. We also support parents to keep children safe at home.

We create a safe learning environment and if we identify pupils who are suffering or at risk of harm, we have a duty to take appropriate action.

We have the following in place to help protect the children, including:

  • all staff have been trained to identify signs of abuse including what to do if they or someone else is worried about a child
  • designated staff responsible for dealing with child protection
  • safe recruitment practices for all new staff
  • ensuring all students and volunteers receive appropriate supervision
  • relevant policies including a child protection policy, whistleblowing policy and staff code of conduct, which are regularly updated and part of our everyday practice

We listen to and work closely with our staff, families and children so that everyone feels safe and protected in our school environment. Where appropriate, we will work with other agencies to provide support to anyone who needs it.

Child Protection Nov 2017

Keeping Children Safe in Education