Children at Abercromby have the chance to take part in various enrichment activities. One of these is music and drumming sessions, called Beatlife.

This takes place on alternate Monday and Friday mornings, in our Apple Tree Room, and is led by Mandy and Peter.

The children listen to live music on the piano and accordion, learn new songs, take part in dances and learn different rhythms on drums.

Taking part in musical activities has many benefits including:

  • Developing listening and attention skills
  • Learning to work together, developing social skills
  • Developing a sense of rhythm and learning to keep the beat (this has been proven to help with learning to read)
  • Learning music, songs and rhythms improve memory
  • Developing their musicality, creativity and imagination
  • Discovering the joy of music and having fun

See some of the children here taking part in a Beatlife session: