I am sure you will have seen the news about the latest Covid variant of concern, now named Omicron. Please see the attached letter from the council with more information and also important guidance to reduce the risk of infection. Please remember that your child should not come to school if they have a temperature, a new persistent cough or a change/loss in taste and smell. They must get a PCR test to rule out Covid. Please note that Lateral Flow home testing kits should not be used on people who have symptoms. If the test is negative, they can then come back to school. If your child won’t have a PCR test, then they must stay off for a full 10 days.

I’d also like to thank families for wearing face masks during drop off and pick up times – and for your support over the last few weeks whilst we’ve had staffing issues. It is very much appreciated.

Letter to parents about Covid Omicron variant 30th November

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