If you have  children aged 0-4 we would love to welcome you to Abercromby’s Family and Toddler Group – “Little Seedlings”. This takes place in our Apple Tree Room every Tuesday  morning from 9 – 10.30 am (term time only). Entry is via the car park.

The aim of the group is to provide a space where:

  • our youngest children can explore, play, learn, enjoy new experiences and make friends
  • parents and carers can meet, make friends and find support
  • ideas are shared for ongoing fun and learning at home
  • relationships with the Nursery school are made, making starting school easier for everyone

Your first visit

Please fill in a registration form, so we have some basic details about you, including contact details and allergies.

We will often have messy play activities available, as these engage with all your children’s senses, accelerating their brain development.

You may like to make sure they are not wearing their best clothes and a change of clothes may be needed e.g. if they get wet in the water play.


£1 for a child and adult

£1.50 for 2 children and an adult

£1.50 for 2 adults and a child


Timings are approximate.

9.00 am Families arrive. Doors to outside will open so you can explore the garden together.

9.30 am Come in from outside. Toys and activities are set up for you to explore together. There will a messy play/creative activity each week. There is a softer, quieter space available for babies.

10.15 am Snack, Story and Song time. Please sit with your child to help them to listen

10.30 am Tidy Up and Home Time

Rules and Guidelines

Many of the children will never have been in a large group before and so it is to be expected that they will need some support to learn how to treat others. It is important that every member of the group feels relaxed, supported, safe and secure. For this reason may we remind you that when you register each week you are agreeing to a few simple ground rules that will help us enjoy our time together:

  • Your child’s safety is your own responsibility. Please supervise them at all times.
  • The way your child plays with other children is your responsibility. So if they’re about to throw a brick – stop them!
  • If another parent expresses concern about an action of yours or your child’s, listen graciously. Explore each other’s point of view, even if you don’t agree, or feel you have been misunderstood. Stay friends.
  • Appreciate the Nursery staff, who are here to organise and facilitate the group.
  • Look after, and encourage your child to look after, the room, the equipment and each other
  • Above all, have fun and enjoy being together!

We do value your comments on the group, and would also like to know if you have any concerns or suggestions about how we can improve things. Please do let us know – This is your group and we always welcome your input.