Children at Abercromby have the chance to take part in various enrichment activities. One of these is Physical Education. This takes place on Wednesdays in our Apple Tree Room or outside in the garden if the weather is nice, and is led by a PE specialist called Martin.

The children take part in small groups and Martin plans games and activities to develop their coordination, balance and core strength. They learn how to jump hurdles and balance on wobble boards. They play target games with bean bags and ball games.

Taking part in physical activities has many benefits including:

  • Learning how their bodies work and how to manage their bodies to move in different ways
  • Making bones grow stronger
  • Helps prevent childhood obesity
  • Helps improve mood
  • Helps improve sleep (but don’t exercise just before bed!)
  • Developing concentration, listening and attention skills
  • Learning to work alongside others, developing social skills
  • Learning to exercise to keep healthy
  • Being physical and exercising has been proven to support brain development. Different movements such as cross lateral, e.g. climbing with opposite hands and legs, are essential for this
  • Learning how to play games and making up rules

Please see the links below for more information about how to support your child’s health through physical development:

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