As your child learns and makes progress during their time with us, we record their achievements in an online ‘learning journal’ through a piece of educational software called “Tapestry”.

By logging on with a secure username and password, you will be able to view all of your child’s observations, photographs and even video from their time in Nursery. Tapestry is a system, which is hosted in the UK on secure servers. These servers conform to very high security standards and are proactively managed 24 hours a day. Each Tapestry account has its own database and the code itself is developed using hack-resistant techniques. Filenames are encoded for uploaded, videos and images, making Tapestry a safe and secure on-line Learning Journey tool.

Nursery Staff will use school iPads to take photos, video and make written observations of your child’s learning. They will reference your child’s learning to the Early Years Curriculum, so you will know in which area of learning your child is achieving and the age-band they were working in for that activity. You will even receive an email telling you when a new observation is available for you to view. Then you can look at the observation together with your child and talk about their learning together.

We will also be able to plan next steps for learning, tailored specifically for each child. You can add comments so that we as a staff find out about which activities your child has really enjoyed and the learning they get up to at home. You can even add your own observations, photos and video of what children have been doing with you at home, or if you’ve been somewhere exciting.

You can access Tapestry with an iPhone or iPad, any Android device, laptop or a desktop computer. We have tutorial leaflets for each type of device; we just need your email address so we can set you up with an account. If anyone is not able to access Tapestry in these ways, we will be able to provide time for you to look at your child’s learning journal on one of our school computers; please just ask your child’s Key Person who will set it up ready for when you collect/drop-off your child.

E-safety is extremely important to us at Abercromby, therefore we will ask you to sign an agreement, to show that you understand and will agree with our guidelines e.g. that photos are not shared on Social Media.

At the end of the year you will receive a memory stick with a PDF version of your child’s learning journal on, a wonderful souvenir of their time with us.

We are sure that you will love this way of viewing your child’s achievements as much as we do! Our aim is for them to become a true dialogue about your child’s learning. If you have any queries, please do speak to your child’s Key Person.

You can find out more on the Tapestry website