At Abercromby, we have a great reputation and our parents and carers recommend us to other families. Here are just a few of the lovely comments we have received:

“All of the staff from the head teacher to the administrators are focused on providing an outstanding environment for the children and we would highly recommend the nursery to other parents. Ava has been tremendously happy at Abercromby and the fabulous start she has had to education will stand by her forever.”
Written by Chris, Ava’s dad

“Shaima has gained more confidence since she started at Abercromby. The staff are very helpful and build relationships with the families. All my children attended Abercromby and I recommend Abercromby to everyone.”
Written by Ahlam, Shaima’s mum

“Our little boy was only there for four months and was welcomed with open arms. He immersed himself in all the activities. The garden is amazing and the staff and children alike are friendly, polite and imaginative. We feel Case is completely school ready thanks to Abercromby’s dedication.”
Written by Jayne, Casey’s mum

“Our children gained so much from their time at Abercromby – friendships, social skills, confidence and learning through fun. They have now both progressed smoothly to primary school and taken with them all the skills which the staff at Abercromby taught them.”
Written by Anne and Anna

“We heard about the reputation of Abercromby Nursery School and now we have tried it. They have the best staff who are very friendly and very patient with the children especially at the first weeks of joining the nursery until the children settle in. You are the best.”
Written by Laith’s parents

My child has progressed from being shy and fearful of others to being so social and willing to speak to people. He learned English smoothly and now able to communicate well. He has also gained confidence, independence and has become well disciplined. I liked the family feeling and love from all of the staff at Abercromby. Abdelrahman spent a really nice time amongst his big family at nursery.
Written by Shebl, Abdelrahman’s dad

“Reece has come out of his shell and his speech has come on so much. The nursery knows how to speak and relate to your child and he has come on that much. I am so proud of the nursery – I would recommend to everyone.”
Written by John, Reece’s dad

“Abercromby is a excellent nursery that I would highly recommend to any parent and has a amazing outdoor space. The staff are all very friendly and welcoming and do a great job.”
Written by Kyle’s parents

“All the staff are extremely caring. When we had a family difficulty, they stepped in and helped. When I was unable to accompany Hannah on a day trip, the staff took care of her all day. They even remember which toy she brings with her each day so she doesn’t go home without it.”
Written by Mei, Hannah’s mum

“Yousef has become more independent and has learnt many things at nursery. For me the big step was when Yousef started to love nursery and he says “let’s go to it” even on the weekends. This means he really feels like nursery is his home and he feels safe there. I would like to thank you very much and I am looking forward to my daughter joining soon.”
Written by Nahla, Yousef’s mum

“My child’s gained a lot from Abercromby in terms of learning new fabulous things and uses her initiative. What I like is that the staff are very professional and so helpful. They motivate kids to learn a lot. I will recommend Abercromby to my friends.
Written by Ahmed, Ucer’s dad