Parenting is really hard work! Do you ever wish you could get help and advice for how to best cope with your child?

Public Health and the Families Programme have purchased a 4-year licence for the online ‘Understanding Your Child’ courses. These are for Liverpool parents, carers and grandparents and aim to support families to better understand the age and stage of their children. Through the course you will get ideas on the best ways to interact with your child to strengthen relationships in ways that have long-lasting, positive effects for the entire family.

The course has three parts:

  1. Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby helps families prepare for the birth of a new baby
  2. Understanding your baby helps families cope with very small babies
  3. Understanding your child covers ages 6 months to 18 years and is the first online course for parents to be awarded the Government’s CANparent Quality Mark accreditation.

This leaflet gives you more information on how to access the course, including the password.

Parenting Course Online Leaflet

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