We have been learning how to be Bug Busters at Abercromby!

When we cough or sneeze we need to catch it with a tissue and put it in the bin.

In Together Time, we discovered the best way to clean our hands to get rid of the germs. You can’t see germs because they are very tiny, so we put blue glitter onto a friend’s hand to make pretend germs.

We tried to wipe them off with a paper towel – that didn’t work…

We tried running water over them – that got some off but not all..

So then we tried soap and learned how to wash between our fingers and the backs of our hands. We sang “Happy Birthday” twice to make sure we do it for long enough.

That worked and got rid of all the germs!

We now know that to get rid of  germs, we need to wash our hands WITH SOAP AND WATER!

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