We had a wonderful end of school year treat when we met Michael and his amazing animals. It was thrilling to meet such a range of different animals face to face and find out more about them. We met:

  • a small Royal Python called Bill. His tongue kept flickering out because that is how he smells, by tasting the air
  • a very long yellow Royal Python called Crystal. She had pretty pink eyes and was smooth and cool to touch. She was as long as the bench and kept wrapping her tail around it!
  • a lovely fluffy rabbit who had white paws. He was called Socks and his whiskers kept twitching.
  • a hairy Guinea Pig called Harry and a “Skinny” Pig with no hair called Dave. They were so different!
  • a Bearded Dragon called George. He felt hard and bumpy and had spikes around his face. They didn’t hurt though.
  • a Barn Owl called Oscar and his three baby owlets. His face was shaped like a love heart and his head went all the way around. He had very sharp claws to catch mice for his dinner.

The children were enthralled by all the animals and although some were a bit nervous at first, they were soon confident to stroke each animal. Thank you to Michael from MJs Pets and Exotics for letting us meet your friendly animals.

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