We walked down to the Unity Theatre for a storytelling session with our friend Pippa Pixley. She introduced us to Artie the Polar Bear and his friends, Hoppity the Rabbit and Owlie the Snowy Owl. Because they live where it is cold and snowy, the only colour they ever have is white. Artie was desperate for some bright colours to draw with and got them from the Northern Lights, the sunrise and even found some yellow snow (but never eat yellow snow!). He then had all the colours of the rainbow to play and draw with. The children were entranced by this beautiful story and helped Artie learn and sing the Rainbow song. They then had lots of fun creating with all the colours of the rainbow.

Thank you Lou at the Unity for arranging our very special visit, and Pippa, Eden and Kaden for your beaitiful performance. Thanks to the families who came with us and helped to walk the children to the theatre.

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